avril 13, 2021


Gender inequalities in Africa has many concerns in Africa: education, labour market participation, mortality, income, access to factors of production, respect for rights. Among all these factors, it must be recognized that Africa has made efforts to reduce inequalities. This paper aims to analyse the effect of gender inequality in education on per capita income in the Economic Community of West African States. We consider the gender parity index in secondary school enrolment and secondary school enrolment gross rate (% female) as indicators to assess gender inequality in education. The results show that reducing gender inequality in education leads to increase per capita income growth in ECOWAS. A 1% increase in the value of the school enrolment rate in secondary school for female (% gross) in ECOWAS leads, in the short run, to an increase in income per capita growth by 0.05% and in the long term an increase by 0.09% at 1% level. The long-run effect is greater than the short-run effect. In both the long term and the short term, the gender parity index in secondary education has no significant effect on income per capita.